The name Comrie is derived from the original Gaelic name con-ruith or comh-ruith or 'the place where rivers meet'. This is because the village sits at the confluence of three rivers. The Ruchill (Gaelic: An Ruadh Thuill, The Red Flood) and the Lednock (Scots Gaelic: An Leathad Cnoc, The Wooded Knoll) are both tributaries feeding into the Earn (Gaelic: Uisge Dubh-Ăˆireann) at Comrie,[4] which itself eventually feeds into the Tay (Gaelic: Uisge Tatha). With this wealth of water, salmon, sea trout and grayling fishing are readily available. There are also occasionally some rainbow trout, however these are escapees from fish farms, and fishermen are asked that any Rainbows caught are killed, irrespective of size, to help preserve the native fish.The rivers are largely in their natural state, which makes for a highly enjoyable angling experience, and, particularly from August onwards, the water can be very productive. Nearby Loch Earn is very popular with boat and bank anglers. There are several ways to enjoy fishing in and around Comrie, whether through angling clubs or privately, the correct permits must be obtained. We are happy to assist our guests with this.