The Comrie Hotel

Basket Meals served in the bar

Whole tail Scottish Scampi, served with Fries and Tartare sauce.
Chicken Goujons, served with Fries and Piri Piri Mayonnaise.
Cod and Parsley Fishcakes, served with Fries and Sweet Chilli Sauce.
Cheeseburger, served in a soft bun, Fries and Ketchup.
Falafel and Spinach burger, served in a soft bun, Fries and Lemon Mayonnaise.
Haggis Bon Bons, served with Fries and Whisky Mayonnaise.
All £7.50
Today’s Hotpot
Beef, Lamb or Chicken, ask for todays.
Served with homemade crusty bread.
All our dishes are freshly made to order, prices include 20% Government Value Added Tax. Gratuities’ are not included, but up to the discretion of the customer.